James Vincent Hayman
April 07, 1957 - January 03, 2012

Mr. James Vincent “Woody” Hayman, age 54, of Rome Georgia, passed away on Tuesday evening, January 3, 2012.
Mr. Hayman was born in Schenectady, New York on April 7, 1957, son of Vincent Hayman and Hazel Connolly Hayman. He was an artist and was known for his wonderful eye in his photography.

Woody was a very talented and inspiring person to know. I met him in 1999 through his website "Shadows and Shapes Photography Studio". I had brought my wife along to model for a joint photo shoot. Woody and his black lab Angel met us at his front door and we became instant friends. We both had been photographers for many years and web designers only for a few of years so we shared tips on photography, HTML, and the challenges of working with models. Woody had a great knowledge of studio lighting and taught me a lot. He really enjoyed photographing my wife and on a few occasions he took photos of us together like the ones here. Woody's family did not leave his website up so all of the time he spent putting his photography up for the world to enjoy is gone. Woody had his work published in Easy Rider and In the Wind productions so his work is still out there in print and many private collections.
Both Angel and Woody have passed on into the future they are missed but not forgotten.